About Author

Umair Abbas works in a multinational company as a finance executive. He obtained his degree in Business Administration from University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He currently has a German Shepherd named Tyci and a Persian cat named Mano. Growing up on a farm and being an active dog-4-home member taught him how to respect as well as care for all kinds of animals. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with animals and family.

He grew up in an ordinary house on the outskirts of the city of Bath, with a long and steep garden. It was his own safari park. The garden had many apple and orange trees. He discovered there slow worms, beetles and butterflies. There was also a hospital for insects and small animals at the backside of the garden!

He loves picture books, and the way pictures and words interact to describe any story. He loves adventures novels about different pets. He went back to university to study story writing, especially about the pets. He also loves drawing and his route into storytelling is often through sketching the scenes and characters from his stories.

Umair Abbas started his niche in writing about exotic and domestic pets while interning at a local zoo to become a conservation researcher. Since graduating in 2014, he has had numerous articles published in trade journals, websites and magazines.

He is a companion animal veterinarian and has a special interest in animal behavior, nutrition, and feline medicine. Umair Abbas has always been a multiple pet owner, and is particularly partial to rescued Springer Spaniels.

He has assisted many friends that own any pets. He loves to visit schools to talk about his work and inspires other budding storytellers and writers! His books and articles have been translated into different languages.

Recently, inspired by real-life working dogs and by his own dog, he has written a new series for younger readers. He lives in Lahore with his family and their collection of pets including dogs, chickens and rabbits.

You can usually find him in a tree house dreaming up new stories, with a cup of coffee as well as a plate of biscuits, in the company of birds and squirrels.

You can read the articles on our website. You can also contact him via email id “Umair_abbas@ucp.edu.pk” or phone number +92-300-4385901.