Can Dogs Eat Salami?

Dog owners like to share food with their dogs, but you should remember that every food is not good for dogs. Is Salami one of them? Salami is one of human foods that dogs prefer and enjoy a lot. Most of the times, dogs grab it from their owners because they are attracted by salami’s intense smell.

What is Salami?

It is a type of cured sausage (made up of pork or beef) and consists of fermented and air-dried meat.  Salami is a tasty cured sausage, but it contains a large amount of fat. This means, eating salami can make you obese and as you get extra pounds. What about dogs? If dogs caught us eating salami, they start to beg for us to share it with them. Should you really share salami with dogs?

The one liner answer would be “not at all”, because salami is not for dogs. Although salami is not in the foods poisonous to dogs’ list, but still it is recommended to avoid feeding it to your furry friend.

Health Risks of Eating Salami

There are a number of health risks of eating salami, and the followings are some of the top ones:

  1. Hazardous Amount of Sodium

Salami contains a large amount of sodium and that is one of the main reasons that salami is not safe for dogs. One little salami slice contains around 214 milligrams (mg) of sodium, and that is considered a lot.

Although Dogs’ bodies need some sodium, but dogs have a low tolerance to sodium. So, you should never feed high sodium foods like salami to your dogs. Medium-sized dogs must never consume more than 100 mg of sodium a day. There is no need to feed salami to your dog because one little slice of salami contains twice as much.

High intake of sodium causes increased urination and thirst in dogs. Diarrhea, blood stools, vomiting and other salt poisoning symptoms in dogs can also occur. Such situation is very bad for your dog’s kidneys and can become the reason for permanent injury to his/her kidneys.

  1. Too Much Fat

Cured meats, especially salami are not safe for your dog. The unhealthy amount of fat in salami (salami is 26% fat) is another major reason for not sharing it with your canine friend.

The health risk of high-fat foods like salami for dogs is pancreatitis, which is a painful and dangerous condition.

Regular food diets that contain high fats can make a dog obese, and could be bad for a dog’s health as well as heart in general.

  1. Sulphite Preservatives

It has been observed that different manufactured and cooked products like salami contain sulphite preservatives. These preservatives can cause thiamine deficiencies that ultimately lead to death.

  1. Allergic to Ingredients

The symptoms could be even worse, if your dog is allergic to some ingredients of salami.

You must take your dog to a vet immediately in case you notice some of the above mentioned symptoms in your dog.

What If Your Dog Already Ate Some Salami?

After reading this article, you are worried that your dog has already eaten some salami? This is not a good sign, but you should not panic at all.

If your dog ate some salami slices, s/he certainly consumed an unhealthy amount of sodium, but his/her life is not at risk. However, avoid feeding salami in the future.

You should serve more water to your dog because s/he will feel thirsty than normal and ultimately pee frequently. Let him/her drink plenty of fresh water, do not tie him/her and let go potty as often as s/he needs to. Your dog’s body will take some time to get rid of the excess sodium and everything become normal very soon.

Do not forget to take your dog to a veterinarian if s/he had more than just a few slices of salami.

Salami may not hurt your dog immediately, but could be very bad in the long run. Unlike other meats, salami is a different kind and often is seasoned as well as contain high salt content. You can share green beans, pieces of banana, etc. if you want to give him/her treats. Make sure the meat you feed him/her is boneless, boiled, and have absolutely no seasoning. The meat should not be ready/ prepared to eat, like pepperoni, packaged deli meat, or salami. Only raw meat should be fed by the people that are educated on where to buy it and how to prepare it, etc.

Salami is not at all a good thing to feed your dog, and there are worse things out there like salami. You can read the other pages of our website to know what foods can and what foods should not be shared with dogs.

All Cured Meats Are Just as Risky

Salami is not the only cured meat item which is unsafe for dogs because ham, bacon, pepperoni, jerky, cured fish, and corned beef are also very dangerous to dogs’ health.

If you or your family members like to eat cured meat products, you must inform everyone that cured meat products are not for pets. Not only for pets, but pork meat is also unsafe for humans, so avoid eating it. Most people consider sharing their table scraps with pets as a kind thing, but things we humans eat are often insecure for the pets. It is the best idea to avoid sharing table scraps with your dogs.

Conclusion on, “Can Dogs Eat Salami?”

The simplest answer to this question is, not at all! Salami is definitely an insecure item to feed any pet. The high amount of fat and sodium in salami are more than dangerous for canines and they must be kept far away.

In the end, you are also advised to be careful and avoid feeding your dog anything else that contains a lot of fat or sodium. For instance, deep fry foods like French fries, all cured meat products, and other excessively salty foods are off limits for your canine friend.

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