Can Puppies Leave Mother At 6 Weeks?

On this page you will learn:

  • When a puppy can leave his/ her mother?
  • We will investigate, what can go wrong if a puppy leaves his/her mother too early?
  • The best age for taking a puppy home and the advantages of bringing home a puppy at different ages.

Most pets go to their new homes at the age of seven to nine weeks, but in order to do the best for little ones, we should consider different factors very carefully.

Can You Take A Puppy Home At Six Weeks Of Age?

In different parts of our world, it is common for puppies being re-homed at 6 weeks or even earlier.

Most breeders that sell very young puppies, often explain truthfully that their 6 week old puppy is already weaned.

In Australia, North America, and Europe most pedigree puppies cannot be sold unless they are 8 weeks old.

Some breeders may want their puppies to be even older than 8 weeks.

Why This Big Difference? And When Can Puppies Leave Their Mom? Let’s Have A Look

According to top vets and dog clubs, 8 weeks is the best age because it also allows the breeders to complete puppies’ weaning process and makes sure the puppy is settled on solid food.

Still a number of breeders claim that their 6 week old puppy is already weaned.

This may be true, in case when a puppy no longer drinks his/her mother’s milk. Only weaning is not a reason for delaying the sale of puppies till eight weeks.

Two Issues Here Should Be Separated.

  1. Can a puppy leave his/her mother at 6 weeks?
  2. Should a puppy leave his/her mother at 6 weeks?

Physically puppies can and indeed do leave their mothers at this age or even younger, but all such very young puppies may not survive.

Most people bring puppies as young as 3 to 4 weeks of age, but they complain their puppies remain ill. Does it happen because of weaning, or there are some other reason?

Is A Puppy Weaned At 6 Weeks Of Age?

If a breeder tells you that your puppy is already weaned at 6 weeks of age, s/he is almost certainly telling the truth.

A lot of breeders begin getting their puppies used to solid food from three to four weeks, and indeed many puppies are completely weaned off their mother’s milk at the age of 6 weeks. However, it is very important that a pup is supported, observed, and protected from stress very carefully during this early stage of adjusting to solid food.

Six week older puppies have a very immature digestion, and are vulnerable to stomach upsets. It is certainly not a good time to uproot puppies because this will add additional stress of leaving their comfort, their mother and familiarity of home.

Other Important Reasons Not To Rehome Puppies At Six Weeks

Some of the most important reasons to leave the puppies with their brothers, sisters, and mothers are as under:

  • Learning not to bite hard
  • Avoiding behavioral problems
  1. Learning not to bite hard

Every puppy bites and it is a normal part of their play. The puppy biting feels normal, but it hurts more at 5 or 6 weeks. This is just because every puppy needs to learn how hard s/he should bite in the fun, without harming anyone. Obviously they can learn this from their littermates and mother.

  1. Behavior problems in a pup separated from mothers too early

According to a recent research, behavioral problems include the followings:

  • Excessive barking
  • Destructiveness
  • Fearfulness on walks
  • Attention-seeking
  • Toy possessiveness
  • Reactivity to noises
  • Food possessiveness

These are very important considerations for all puppy buyers. It really takes commitment to keep puppies during this period when pup buyers are desperate to collect their pet home.

When Can Puppies Leave Their Mother?

If six weeks is too young, when can a puppy leave his/her mother? What about seven weeks? Should you wait for eight weeks?

Waiting can be difficult. Seven weeks are not ideal, but this may not let your puppy learn to avoid biting harder and could be more difficult to stop. The truthful answer for this question is that the age to bring a pup home is minimum 8 weeks.

When it comes to very small breeds, breeders would want to keep the pups for another 3 to 4 weeks after that.

Puppies That Are Very Young To Leave Their Mothers

Some uncontrollable problems can arise with puppies that are sold at 5 or 6 weeks old. The situation is even more serious with younger puppies (3 to 4 weeks of age) and they may die.

You are advised to be patient and refuse to buy if you have been offered just a 3 weeks old puppy. They will definitely look very appealing, but really need their littermates and mother.

You must take it seriously, even if the mother has sadly passed away, because the puppy still needs his littermates. Please have the courage to take your pet back to breeder if you have brought a puppy that is less than 7 weeks old. 


8 weeks is an ideal age to bring a pup home. The advantages are worth the wait.

Just like a number of puppy health and welfare aspects, much hinges on whether or not you have found a good, responsible breeder.

Carefully picking a breeder after doing proper research will make sure that none of the above mentioned issues are likely to affect you.

The best breeders never let their puppies go unless they are 8 weeks of age. If they do, they will surely know exactly what to do in order to ensure your pup is thoroughly socialized.

If you have a big house and enough budget, you are highly recommended to please buy your puppy’s mother, brother and sisters as well. This will help everyone to live happily as a family. Hope this article helped you a lot.

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