Data of the brand new immigration regulation to Germany - employment alternatives

Germany is one of the states located on the continent of Europe, in a privileged geographical
 location due to the management system allow (Federal Republic of Germany), which is one of the countries that have a large area and low population density, when you visit Germany, you will find it from countries are vital, energy, interest and commitment in the work.
In addition to the high level of knowledge and culture of its people, Germany also enjoys a great interest of the government in the green spaces that make more than 70 percent of its territory is green, and therefore migration to Germany is the ambition of many people all over the world.
New law on immigration to Germany
The country of the German acute shortage of skilled workers in many professions and disciplines, and most of his workers are old. Therefore, in the context of the efforts made by the state in order to overcome this deficit, it has developed a new immigration law similar to the immigration laws in Canada and Australia, on the basis of the points, but slightly different from them.
In the new law on migration to Germany, point to select applicants for immigration will not be calculated, but depends on the availability of education, work experience, or high material capacity, or the knowledge of the German language in a way that helps in communicating with employers, and among the most important points that were included in the new law are the following::
* Work experience: this law is primarily aimed at facilitating the migration of those with practical experience in some disciplines to Germany with university qualifications provided by the blue card as a work permit that allows them to travel to Germany.
* Change the path of the rejected asylum applications: number of applications for asylum in Germany rejected for one reason or another, and for that reason (Social Democratic Party) in Germany decided that the applications of people who are able to integrate and work in German society must be translated with funding from the German language of the (asylum) to (apply for immigration for economic reasons).
* Facilitate the migration to the owners of some of the tasks: the coalition government has also established itself in Germany to remove the restrictions on some tasks, especially those that must run a large number of workers and employees, to ease the conditions imposed (by the employment agency) on this task, and the number of tasks covered by this item is about 61 different tasks.
It should be noted that this law does not give priority to the citizens of the country when choosing staff, but it just depends on work experience and qualifications knowledge of the German language, one of the most important tasks that suffer from a lack of efficiency in Germany is the work (Information Technology specialists).
* The availability of job search visa for skilled workers: previously, the search for a job on a visa available to academic professionals; with the new immigration law, this visa has become available for those with professional qualifications and skilled labor, but the law determines that no accommodation assistance is paid during the stay in Germany to look for work, where the focus is on providing you need to be able to cover the duration of stay for a visa.
Employment in Germany
As we mentioned earlier, there are a large number of job vacancies in Germany that require a high degree of skill workers and staff, it is best to get the applicant to be present in Germany in person to be able to easily get the contract, since, as mentioned, it is difficult to get a contract before you travel.
If you need to get a work contract before you travel, you can rent one of the relatives or friends who live in Germany to contact them through their employers.
It should be noted that there are three types of employment contracts in Germany:
  • Full-time: (40-45) working hours per week
  • Part-time: (24-39) working hours per week
  • Simple working hours: less than 20 working hours per week, which is completely exempt from income tax