Canada student visa – Application method 2021

 More than 200,000 international students a year are interested in Canadian universities. It offers a high-quality educational system with more than 26 universities in the best university rankings in the world.

Canada has the advantage of accepting international students with flexible study patterns and free offers such as loans, scholarships, or free health care.

Many international students will always like Canada as their first choice.


The first thing that comes to mind is thinking about the best way to get a student visa for Canada. You can imagine how difficult it is. After this article, you are ready to get your visa.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of obtaining a Canadian student visa.

Preferred Select the university of your preference and request the admission letter.

The first step you need to take in determining how quickly you can get your student visa is choosing your university. You can apply for a student visa after obtaining an acceptance letter from the university you would like to attend, please submit your application.

Make sure to provide everything you need, including your academic record, proof of financial status, and more. Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter for your student visa application.

Can you the Canadian student visa application form?

After receiving an acceptance letter from the university of your choice, the next step is to proceed with your Canadian student visa application. A student visa is also known as a local license (permit or permission to study in Canada).

Steps to obtain your student visa

Apply online: This is done on the Canada Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) websites.

 Paper  new application: If you don't have a good internet in your side, the paper  new application is your best option.

Submit a letter of acceptance from a specialized university recognized by the Government of Canada.

Provide evidence that you have a suitable financial solution for your studies. You need to convince them that you can accept their funds while you are in Canada for your studies. (Both tuition fees and cost of living).

He has no criminal record

Rec Health Report: You will need to show a complete medical exam to show that you are healthy and not seriously ill.

Based on recent visa regulations, if you have a family member working in Canada or applying for a work permit, your study permit application will take effect in two weeks.

If your program has an extension or your educational institution changes, your visa can be renewed. The same goes for continuous studies.

Your student license expires 90 days after the end of your study period, and you can stay in Canada to travel, explore, or apply for a work permit that allows you to get a full-time or part-time job. You can also work for yourself.

Prepare all the necessary documents to obtain a student visa in Canada

Some of the documents you will need to apply for your Canadian student visa;

Student license application completed by student

The original welcome letter from the university.

සන Passport / Travel document that allows you to return to your country after completing your studies. (If you are in the United States, this does not matter)

Name Two passport size photographs with your name and date of birth written on the back.

Verification of financial reports of records.

Letter of intent and proof that you paid the student license fee (usually around $ 150)

Language requirements for a Canadian student visa.

If you are not from an English-speaking country, Canadian universities will ask you to provide proof of English language proficiency. These are some of the recognized language tests.



AM Cambridge English (Advanced)

Language tests are not a requirement for the application, but it is a requirement for some universities in Canada that are highly dependent on your home country.

Biometric appointments and interviews

Depending on the needs of your home country, you may need to visit the Visa Application Center to obtain your biometrics.

After submitting your Canadian student visa, the processing time will be approximately 90 days and you will be called for an interview based on your country.

Do you have any questions about your Canadian student visa application? Comment, we will definitely answer you.